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Rooftop Bar Bangalore

People aspire to have a good time, no matter where they go. It makes sense for people to expect the best of a popular place where they can have the best time of their lives with friends and family. You have a chance to get it all when you plan events at Frost Lounge Bar at Mayflower, Bangalore. That is what rooftop bar Bangalore promises to provide.

The Frost Lounge Bar at Mayflower, Bangalore is the perfect place to enjoy wining and dining with friends on weekdays or weekends

The Food - Festival season requires one to be on the tip of their toes and deliver the best of them since it involves management of large crowds. You have the best menu in place comprising of multiple cuisines, from Indian to continental and Asian food, all comprised together.

Wine and Dine – All premium alcoholic beverages are available at the Frost Lounge Bar for catering to varied taste buds of the people. From cocktails to mojitos and adequate snacks to go with, Frost Lounge Bar covers it all.

House Music – Proper lounge music is played at Frost Lounge Bar to suit the ambience and the mood of the lounge. While weekends are hippy and trendy, cool house music plays on the weekends for people.

As the younger generation has begun to get the best feel in nearly every city in India now, they do expect a lot when they throng to rooftop bar Bangalore in order to have a good weekend.